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Original Oil on Canvas
Calderon Bahia de Pescadores 18 x 24.jpg
Bahía de Pescadores
h 18" w 24"
Oil Painting titled Amanecer by artist Calderon at Gallerie Elektra
h 20" w 30"
Calderon Fishermen 20 x 28.jpeg
h 20" w 28"
Calderon Brisa Mediterranea 20 x 30.jpeg
Brisa Mediterránea
h 20" w 30"
Calderon 2.jpg
Día Bueno
h 18" w 24"
Calderón was born in Madrid, Spain in 1955. He is a self-taught artist with an immense amount of talent. His successes as a painter have grown out of his personal love of natural beauty. He approaches the canvas with passion and intensity in an effort to convey a vibrant sense of light especially capturing the reflections on rainy days. Calderon believes that a painting's success is measured by its ability to capture the essence of sunlight. He feels that without the sun, there is no light, no color, and no beauty. He has mastered the ability to achieve a wonderful sense of depth in his paintings.  Calderón finds beauty where it seems not to be present and in corners of the world where you would least expect it.


1983     Galería El Rastro, Madrid, Spain.

1985     Galería España, Zaragoza, Spain.

1988     Galería Montparnasse, Barcelona, Spain.

1990     Space de Art, Lisbon, Portugal.

1993     Galería Modigliani, Viña del Mar, Chile.

1996     Palacio Alambra, Santiago, Chile.

1998     Sala de Arte Latinoamericano, Lima, Peru.

2000     Galería Pasteur, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2003     Galería de Arte Hyatt Hotel, Santiago, Chile.
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