Judy van Meteren
Eastern Vision I.jpg
Eastern Vision II.jpg
Eastern Vision III.jpg
B&W Project I _Freddie_ h23.6 w19.7.jpg
h 23.6" x w 19.7"
B&W Project III _Bowie_ h23.6 w19.7.jpeg
h 23.6" x w 19.7"
B&W Project II _George_ h23.6 w19.7.jpeg
h 23.6" x w 19.7"
Judy van Meteren is an artist who specializes in dripping art paintings. These are hand-made paintings with a particular unique style of work. Aside from these paintings, Judy excells in oil paintings and handpainted torso's as well. These different art styles often get combined into one, which creates an effect of diversity added to these paintings. Judy's work has her own fling to it that can be recognized in each individual work she makes. Aside from these paintings already found on Judy's page, she also takes on requests. Judy will try her best to match the client's wishes.