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Original Oil on Canvas
Pompeii Revisited h24 w30.jpg
Pompeii Revisited
h 24" w 30"
Kristian - Moulin Rouge h24 w30.JPG
Moulin Rouge 
h 24" w 30"
Morning Light h19 w27.jpg
Morning Light
 h 19" w 27"
Still Life with Pomgranate h19 w23.jpg
Still Life with Pomgranate
h 19" w 23"
Sandia h19 w27.jpg
h 19" w 27"
Dream of Tuscany
h 24" w 29"
Pensamiento h30 w24.jpg
h 30" w 24"
Born in Chile, Kristian studied at the School of Fine Arts in Viña del Mar, Chile, and the School of Ceramics in Oslo, Norway. While in Norway, he was a member of the professional Billedkunstner Artists. Kristian is a master realist. His paintings include still life, portraits, and mythological subjects. An extraordinarily talented artist, he bases his painting technique on a thorough study of the Great Masters, in particular, Velazquez and Caravaggio. Kristian participates in several collective exhibitions in the Oslo Gallery and the Mevlana Gallery in UKS, Oslo. He currently runs a painting workshop in his hometown of Viña del Mar.
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