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R. Koller
Koller Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.jpeg
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
h 19.25" w 15.25"
Koller Follow Me.jpeg
Follow Me
h 15.5" w 11.5"
Koller Come to My Kingdom.jpeg
Come to my Kingdom
h 27.25" w 27.25"
Koller Wild and Free.jpeg
Wild and Free
h 19.5" w 15.5"
Koller 7.jpg
Blue Dream
h 15.5" w 11.5"
Koller Magical Kingdom.jpeg
Magical Kingdom
h 39" w 31"
Koller Horus.jpeg
Searching for Horus
h 15.5" w 19.25"
R. Koller was born in Tandil, Buenos Aires in 1989. From a very young age the artist showed passion for drawing, he developed and improved his knowledge in a self-taught way to then start experimenting with painting and developed his own technique also in a self-taught way. Koller always had a passion for animals which have been his greatest source of inspiration in much of his life. In fact, he enrolled in the Vet University for a year; this gave him basic notions of animal anatomy to complement his artistic works.

The artist then studied graphic design and illustration in Rosario, Argentina where he attended classes of interest in the career of fine arts at the University of Rosario.

The artist received awards for his work in some art competitions and exhibitions. He also has published illustrations for a book edited by the University of Palermo, Argentina called, "The Best Illustrations in Latin America."

Although the artist received graphic education, the current result of his art comes from years of research and study of great masters, both contemporary and classical.

The artist's magnificent artwork is showcased in many special international collections, because he's vastly admired and acquired all over the world. 
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