T. Dong
Original Oil on Canvas
Twilight in the Bay h36 w72 (triptych).j
Twilight in the Bay
h36" w72"
Sunflowers h30 w30.jpg
h30" w30"
Spring Afternoon h12 w16.jpeg
Spring Afternoon
h12" w16"
Along the Canal h40 w30.jpeg
Along the Canal
h40" w30"
Lemon & Narcissus h16 w16. jpg
Lemon & Narcissus
h 16" x w 16"
Morning by the River h20 w24.jpeg
Morning by the River
h20" w24"
Grand Canal h24 w36.jpeg
Grand Canal
h24" W36"
Persimmons h8 w8.jpeg
h8" w8"
Trees at St. Vincent h16 w12.jpeg
Trees at St. Vincent
h16" w12"
Forever Beautiful h20 w20.jpeg
Forever Beautiful
h20" w20"
Waiting for the Carrot h11 w14.jpeg
Waiting for the Carrot
h11" w14"
Golden Hill h12 w24.jpg
Golden Hill
h12" w24"
Late Afternoon Sun h11 w14.jpeg
Late Afternoon Sun
h11" w14"
A Cloudy Sunday h12 w 24.jpeg
A Cloudy Sunday
h12" w24"
Red and Orange h22 w28.jpeg
Red and Orange
h22" w28"
Morning at Marshall h24 w30.jpg
Morning at Marshall
h 24" x w 30"
Meandering Creek h16 w16.jpg
Meandering Creek
h16" w16"
Above the Golden Gate h20 w24.jpg
Above the Golden Gate
h 20" x w 24"
Houses by the Sea h12 w16.jpg
Houses by the Sea
h 12" x w 16"
Nicasio h17.5 w20.5 framed.jpg
h17.5" w20.5" framed
Santa Margarita h24 w20.jpg
Santa Margarita
h 24" x w 20"
Serenity h12 w16.jpg
h 12" x w 24"
Cobalt Night h40 w30.jpg
Cobalt Night
h 40" x w 30"
The Golden Gate h40 w30.jpg
The Golden Gate
h 40" x w 30"
Golden Gate at Sunset h30 w24.jpg
Golden Gate at Sunset
h 30" x w 24"
Ms. Dong's passion for art was initially influenced by her father. From the age of five, he taught her both calligraphy and traditional Chinese art. In 1980, the US Consul General in Shanghai was so impressed with her Chinese paintings, that he granted her a visa to study western art in the United States.
Living in California provided her with a rich landscape for her oil paintings, which invites the observer to see a subject portrayed forever at a particular moment in time. Teresa's use of color is sensitice, and her interpretation of life's details and nature is evocative. Her work resides in collections all over the world.
She studied at the Hong Kong University & The Academy of Art University, San Francisco.