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Dmitry Mkrtchyan
Original Silver and Gold Gel Pen
Isis & Horus Hand Detailed Artwork by artist Mkrtchyan
Isis & Horus
h 27" x w 23"
Bastet Hand Detailed Art by Artist Mkrtchyan at Galerie Elektra
h 32" x w 27"

Osiris and Isis hand detailed art at Galerie Electra
Osiris & Isis
h 27" x w 22

Dmitry Mkrtchyan was born in 1973 in Yerevan Armenia, surrounded by the rich multi-century tradition of art specific to the region. Even though his dream was to become a professional musician, he started drawing at the age of four. Eventually, his love for drawing took over his musical aspirations. 

Dmitry’s was vastly influenced by Albrecht Dürer’s works. And while being recognized as one of the most influential artists in Armenia in the mastery of classical engraving, he likes to experiment with colors, unorthodox forms and tries to adhere to an art-deco style.

His works have been showcased in several high-profile exhibits in his home country, as well as abroad.

Currently, his works are exhibited in art galleries and private collections in Armenia, Europe, USA, and Russia.
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