Original Oil on Canvas
A New Beginning
h 20" x w 16"
In Her Dreams
h 20" x w 16"
Dukas is a Canadian artist whose realism is combined with a strong sense of decorative design, stemming from her classical training in the Art Course at Central Technical School in Toronto. She worked as an embroidery designer, fashion designer and manufacturer of elaborately embroidered evening wear. After retiring from the fashion world, Dukas moved to the Kingston, Ontario area to study art history at Queen’s University, and returned to her passion for painting.
Dukas paints eclectic subjects based primarily on the sites she has visited on her many travels worldwide and credits grand historic houses and palaces as particularly rich sources of inspiration. Dukas focuses on small-scale oil paintings to encourage clarity and detail. Her current work is based on a life-long interest in sculpture, architectural details and a love of flora. The backgrounds are all original designs, influenced by historic style patterns in wallpaper decoration.


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