Edgardo Yira
Original Oil on Canvas
Tranquil Emergence h19 w13.jpg
Tranquil Emergence
h 19" x w 13"
The Loving Whisper of Interconnection h 16" x w 12"
Jewel of the Earth h20 w24.jpg
Jewel of the Earth
h 20" x w 24"
Summer Peaches h24 w20.jpg
Summer Peaches
h 24" x w 20"
Summer Temptation h24 w20.jpg
Summer Temptation
h 24" x w 20"
Over the Bridge and Through the Woods h1
Over the Bridge and Through the Woods
h 16" x w 12"
Enchanted Pond h20 w24.jpg
Enchanted Pond
h 20" x w 24"
Purity & Enlightenment h16 w12.jpg
Purity & Enlightenment
h 16" x w 12"
Edgardo Yira is a self-taught painter and was born in Santiago, Chile in 1965.
The artistic work which he has practiced since his early teens, has allowed Edgardo as an artist to attain a deeper and more sensitive vision of the world and his environment.
His searching resulted in the landscaping genre, which has captured him.
At first it was a mere admiration towards beauty, mountains, trees, woods, lights and shadows. He realized that these images represented for him the images of the unlimited, the magnificent of nature, wild and free.
1991 Honorable Mention “Palacio la Alhambra”, Santiago, Chile
1997 Silver Medal “Chilean Landscapes”, Galeria Municipal, Valparaiso, Chile
2005 Honorable Mention “Pintando el Sur”, Valdivia, Chile
2009 First Prize “Pintando El Norte”, Galeria Municipal Antofagasta, Chile
2014 Honorable Mention “Paisajes” Galeria Municipal, Villa Alemana, Chile