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​Evelyn Lee


Original Oil on Canvas
Crimson Splendor h28 w22.jpg
Crimson Splendor
h 28" w 22"
Between Winter and Spring h12 w12.jpg
Between Winter and Spring
h 12" w 12"
Morning Light w9 h12.jpg
Morning Light
h 12" w 9"
Light Comes from a Distance h12 w12.jpg
Light Comes from a Distance h 12" w 12"
Blue Rhapsody h28 w22.jpg
Blue Rhapsody
h 28" w 22"
The Glory of Summer h36 w 18.jpg
The Glory of Summer
h 36" w 18"
Sunshine w16 h20.jpg
h 20" w 16"

"I believe the shape, light, and color exudes the most emotional content. I often paint my subjects in a certain hue and rework and layer with brush strokes and textures to create vivid breath onto the canvas to tell the stories about light and color in each painting for people to imagine and experience." - Evelyn Lee

Evelyn Lee was born in Guangzhou, China in 1964. There she studied at the prestigious Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Her exquisite practice has been dedicated to creating art for three decades; during this time, she has held nationwide individual and group exhibitions up to 30 times; won numerous awards; published personal albums; works collected by the world professional organizations and private collectors. 
In Evelyn Lee's paintings, we share the unique way she views the world. Her works are full of a baroque wallop, expressing powerful emotions through simple sense. She is deeply influenced by her personal journeys and connections with Eastern and Western culture.
She has strong skills to capture real objects, however the flower varieties she has drawn do not exist in nature - they are mostly imagined. She painted images of flowers instead of the flowers themselves. Although the flower theme has been with the artist for many years, the intention is not to portray "The Look of the Flower", but flowers are a medium to express the time, the place that she was in, the artist interests, her daily life, her feelings, and experience.   It is a way to express her inner feeling and imagination for life. Evelyn draws flowers as human beings. At different times, the paintings convey joy, fear, passion, excitement, and various subtle emotions. In her paintings, objects, light, and air often melt into one, with her flowing brush strokes, colors dispersed as her muscles twitch, and with warmth looming in the background, the feeling of life is vividly breathed onto the canvas.  
She is currently a member of the Guangdong Province Artists Association and a member of the American Chinese Art Association.


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