Francesco Pelleschi


Original Oil on Canvas
Waiting for New Arrivals
Campagna Toscana h26 w47.5.jpg
Campagna Toscana
h26" w47.5
Sunflowers in Tuscany 27.5x35.5.jpeg
Sunflowers in Tuscany
h27.5" w35.5"
A Clear Day in the Country h27.5 w35.5.j
A Clear Day in the Country
h27.5" w35.5"
Late Summer Days 29.6x47.5 .jpeg
Late Summer Days
h 29.6" x w 47.5"
Vigna in Ottobre 19.7x39.5
Vigna in Ottobre
h 19.7" x w 39.5"
La Dolce Terra. 31.6x51.7
La Dolce Terra
h 31.6" x w 51.7"
Splendid Afternoon Delight h25.6 w35.5.j
Splendid Afternoon Delight
h 25.6" x w 35.5"
     In a rich, well-recognized career spanning over four decades, the artist has perfected a technique in which subject matter and material are intimately connected.  Just like the fourteenth-century masters before him, Pelleschi creates his own pigment by grinding natural minerals.  The powder is then blended with linseed oil for viscosity and texture.  Each composition is gradually formed with fine layers of color that are applied by brush and by hand over a base of gesso. Because the oil paint must be completely dry before adding a new layer, this painstaking process takes months to complete.  The final step is a unique speckling technique that results in a hazy quality suggesting the memory of a place in time.  Just as in a kaleidoscope, a myriad of points of color look different from every angle and distance, and under each new light.  Both his exploration of colors and their vibrations and his research into the density and the weight of the material allows his work to be not just visual but also tactile. Because of this fusion of modern and ancient techniques, museum curators and the art historian, Dr. Jean Audigier, praise his exceptional ability to attain a very distinctive style among contemporary artists.

     Francesco Pelleschi has earned more than 150 prizes, including the Primo Nazionale “San Giorgio” Award twice, an honor no other artist has ever achieved in Italy.  The following is a list of selected international exhibitions and awards.

1991 Exhibition in Osaka, Tokyo
1998 Exclusive contract with Galerie Elektra up to present time
2000 Publication of “Quiet Song of the Earth” by renowned art historian Dr. Jean Audigier
2002 Acquisition of oil on canvas “Raggio Di Sole” by the Museo-Italo-Americano of San Francisco
2004 Acquisition of oil on board “Anthurium” by the John D. Calandra Italian American Museum, New York, NY
1996-2004 International Art Exposition, Bologna
     The work of the artist is also currently on display in a prominent recording studio, major corporate offices throughout the country, and in the homes of many famous international personalities.
Midday Shadow & Light h27.5 w35.5.jpeg
Midday Light & Shadow
h27.5" w35.5"