Queen Victoria 16x20.jpg
Queen Victoria by Rossi
h20' x w16"
Papaveri Rossi d'estate31.80 x 55.20.jpeg
Cassandra h24 x w16.5.jpg
Early Morning Catch.jpg
Siempre Juntos _Always Forever_.jpg
Queen of the Jungle h30 w24_edited.jpg
Flaming Heart Behind the Door h24 w18.jpeg
B&W Project I _Freddie_ h23.6 w19.7.jpg
Sayonara My Love h24 w18_edited.jpg


Bratten Vigneto framed.jpeg
Swinburne United Spirit h40 w60.jpeg

If you would like to better visualize how our art would look in your home, please email us a picture and the dimensions of the area you would like to display the art as well as the name of the desired painting(s). We will create a photoshopped image of the painting in your living space.

Open 7 days a week

11 am - 8 pm

Gallery in Sausalito

Located in the historical Princess Theater in beautiful downtown Sausalito, right across the Golden Gate Bridge, Galerie Elektra is an elegant and unique gallery overlooking the San Francisco Bay. The gallery's exclusive collection features only original fine art oil paintings and sculptures by renowned contemporary artists from around the globe.

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