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Butyrsky V.V. 


Original Oil on Canvas
Sea Adventure h25.10 w33.4.jpg
Sea Adventure
h 25.10" w 33.5"
Sausalito II h24 w36.jpg
Sausalito II
h 24" w 36"
Butyrsky was born on October 17, 1963, in the city of Kamensk-Uralsky, Russia. At the age of 8 he completed a children's art school with honors and entered an art college in Krasnoturinsk, Russia. The artist graduated the college in 1983 with the specialization "teacher of pencil and paint drawing". In 1984, he worked as an interior Artist designer and a designer of merchandise displays and was awarded for the best fashion designer showcase of the "Winter Season Fashion" in the city of Sverdlovsk in 1986. 
In 1989, Butyrsky entered the Academy of Art in St. Petersburg, Russia, and studied in the "monumental painting" studio under the guidance of People's Artist of the Russian Federation, professor Andrey Andreevich Malnikov.  In 1995, he gained his diploma with honors. The theme of this diploma painting, "Panel painting in the museum in the city of Mojaisk”, was showcased in the Museum of the War of 1812. The panel was dedicated to the war heroes of the War of 1812. 
1995-1998 Postgraduate studies of the monumental painting studio under the guidance of professor A.K. Sokolov. 
1995-2006 - Professor of drawing in the St. Petersburg Academy of Art. 
1996 winner of the competition"Young Artist of the Year".
1997, awarded a Grand Prize "Muse of St. Petersburg". 
1997-1999 participated in the monumental painting of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. 
Butyrsky was awarded a medal and diploma for his colossal involvement in this iconography.
1999-2000 Participated in the monumental iconographic painting of the Cathedral of Anna Kachinskaya, in the city of Kachina
(located in the outskirts of Moscow).
In 2002, the artist painted the inner dome of the cathedral, "All Mourners." in the city of Klin, Russia. 
Awarded with a medal of association of Russian artists for the painting "Escape to Egypt" in 2002 (210 cm x 150 cm, oil on canvas).
2003 - awarded with a medal and diploma of the Moscow Academy of Arts by the government. 
Starting from 2007 to 2010 completed an iconographic monumental painting on the ceiling of the St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Fresno, California, USA. 
Participant of Russian and international, personal exhibits:
1985 - Sverdlovk Exhibition of Young Artist of the Month
1990 - "Young Artists of the USSR", Moscow
1995 - Berlin, Germany
1998 - Pikin, China "masterpiece of modern Russian art"
2003 - St. Petersburg Association of artists in Russia
2011 - San Francisco, California, USA featured as favored artist
And a participant of many more collective exhibitions of Russia, USA, China, Holland, France, & Germany.
His artwork is in collections in the USA, China, Russia, Holland, Germany, France, Ukraine, Israel, Japan, Switzerland, Spain, & Italy.



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