R. Koller
Original Oil on Canvas
New Artwork Arriving Soon
Jewel of the Forest h24%22 w20.5%22.jpg
Jewel of the Forest
h 24" x w 20.5"
Koller was born in Tandil, Buenos Aires in 1989. From a very young age he showed passion for drawing. As a youth, he taught himself to paint by developing his knowledge of painting by way of experimentation, improving with his practice.
His passion for animals has been the greatest inspiration of his life. In fact, he studied to be a veterinarian for a year which gave him a basic understanding of animal anatomy. This knowledge was used to refine his artistic skills and began implementing it into his artwork.
“Koller’s work today reflects the years of research and study of the great masters, both contemporary and classical, along with his university education.” He then decided to study graphic design and illustration to focus on a career in fine art at the National University of Rosario, Argentina.
He received many awards for his exquisite paintings, published illustrations for a book entitled, “The Best Illustrations in Latin America”, published by the University of Palermo in Buenos Aires.