Original Oil on Canvas
h 14" x w 11"
h 18" x w 14"
Sonata Blue
h 18" x w 36"
Pacific Way
h 30" x w 24"
h 20" x w 16"
h 18" x w 14"
Neptune's Sea
h 36" x w 36"
Serene Journey
h 12" x w 36"
Sultry Waters
h 14" x w 18"
Hopeful Sky
h 14" x w 11"
Aurora Borealis II
h 24" x w 24"
Ocean Sunset
h 20" x w 16"
h 18" x w 36"
h 18" x w 24"
h 24" x w 18"
Autumn Tides
h 18" x w 36"
h 24" x w 36"
*The Art Process
        Born in 1985, Tike's love for art started at a young age growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Her parent’s recognition and encouragement of this passion is what led her to pursue her creative and artistic side.  She graduated from California State University, San Francisco (SFSU) with a B.A. in Studio Art with an emphasis in painting. 
        During her university years, she studied abroad in Florence, Italy at the California State University of Florence and the Accademia di Belle Arti.  It was a unique experience that enabled her to travel and explore a variety of art and culture throughout Europe.  Her work reflects fluidity and motion through different brush strokes, textures and colors.
Artist Statement
        A current theme of mine is landscapes and the impressions they create and feelings they invoke. A sunset can summon a variety of emotions and memories depending on the lighting, the color, and the movement of the brush strokes. I get inspiration from the San Francisco Bay. I like to run along the shoreline in the evening when the sun is setting. My mind is stimulated by the infinite possibilities of what I can create. I use oil paint along with brushes and palette knives to paint with. Oil paints allow me to create artwork that has vibrancy and dynamic colors. I use multiple palette knives to create depth and texture within my paintings. I want to create pieces of artwork that allow the viewer to escape from daily stress and concerns. I love to use diverse textures that come out when slathering paint onto a canvas.
        Depending on the stroke and pressure used, I can get various effects to come out. The random and beautiful patterns that one can create are infinite. I try to create artwork that is whimsical and allows the viewers to go on an adventure and to travel to another world. I want each piece of artwork to resonate with the viewer on a personal level and I hope that each viewer has a different experience than the previous person. I want my work to be soulful, tickle the senses and please the eyes.


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