Yves Armaing


Original Oil on Canvas

Boghkara h38 w38.jpeg
Boghkara h38" w38"
Gypsy Passion h28" w22"
Wildlife Conservation Awareness
Master of the Forest h30" w24"
In Your Dreams h24" w20"
Speakeasy h16" w20" 
Love at first Sight h22" w28" (h25.5" w31.5" with frame)
Yves Armaing is a French artist from Nice living in the Bay Area for 20 years. “Color has taken possession of me”, a quote by artist Paul Klee perfectly describes his relationship with art. He assembles and plays with color to create harmony; it is his obsession and passion. 

Yves comes from a multicultural background and upbringing throughout Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Africa. What has always inspired him the most is color. 

He started painting when he was 14 years old but began putting a greater focus on fine art 18 years ago, when Yves moved to Marin. He paints what he sees, so living in the Bay area is tremendously inspiring to him. The spectrum and change of light and color throughout the day is infinite, which Yves tries to capture and share with the world. Yves says when he paints, he feels like the director of an orchestra and the canvas is the music.   


- Venice, Italy. European Center for Training in the Conservation of the Architectural Heritage.
- Avignon, France. Ecole du Roy René.
- Art history, University of Nice, Humanities Departments.
- Art history, Lycée Michelet, Marseille, France.
- Fine Art “Villa Thiole”, Nice France.   


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