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Artist Rozer Armonia 30x90 oil painting of a red tree in a blank white landscape

Rozer: Armonia, oil on canvas triptych, h40" x w90"

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Art gallery owner Elektra started her gallery inspired to bring the beauty of original artwork into the homes and offices of people all over the world.

Galerie Elektra offers complimentary Art Advisory for online browsers to receive curated selections from the gallery's collection. Photoshop Previews are a free tool provided to help you envision the size and style of paintings in your home.

New in the Gallery

Shifting Tides 36 x 48 oil painiting abstract landscape of the sea
Tike, Shifting Tides, oil on canvas, 30" h 40" w
Drifting Blues 36x48 abstract oil painting with rich color, darkness and depth
Tike, Drifting Blues, oil on canvas, 36" h 48" w
Everlasting Love 16x20 oil painting with gold leaf of a woman in a red dress holding a little cardinal
Rossi, Everlasting Love, oil on canvas, 20" h 16" w
Royal Mistress 16x20 oil painting with gold leaf of a woman wearing a blue dress with lace and jewels
Rossi, Royal Mistressoil on canvas, 20" h 16" w
Happy Summer Vacation 27.5 x 35.5 oil painting by italian impressionist artist, landscape painting,
Pelleschi, Happy Summer, oil on canvas, 35.3" h 27.5" w 

Photoshop Preview

Photoshop Preview Service to help you visualize how art would look
free photoshop preview to help you

If you would like to better visualize how our art would look, please send us a picture and the dimensions of the area you would like to display the art and we will provide a preview of the painting on display in your home or office.

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Art Gallery in Sausalito California

Open 7 days a week

11 am - 8 pm

Located in the historical Princess Theater in beautiful downtown Sausalito, right across the Golden Gate Bridge, Galerie Elektra is an elegant and unique gallery overlooking the San Francisco Bay. 

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