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 "Painting a tree on canvas has been one of the most beautiful experiences: as simple, as majestic. It is a tribute to Nature for what it represents." -Rozer

Just the Two of Us 40x90 triptych.jpg


In a rich, well-recognized career spanning over four decades, the artist has perfected a technique in which subject matter and material are intimately connected.  Just like the fourteenth-century masters before him, Pelleschi creates his own pigment by grinding natural minerals. Click on the image for the full view. 

Pelleschi Bouquet 39.4 x 31.5.jpeg


"Depending on the stroke and pressure used, I can get various effects to come out. The random and beautiful patterns that one can create are infinite. I try to create artwork that is whimsical and allows the viewers to go on an adventure and to travel to another world. I want my work to be soulful, tickle the senses and please the eyes." - Tike

Click on the image for the full view. 

Soft Haze 30 x 40.jpg


Born in 1964 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he is a gifted self-taught painter. He had developed a unique luminescent and lyrical quality to his work captivating art lovers for years. Click on the image for the full view. 

Top of Lombard 24 x 30.jpeg


Butyrsky was born in the city of Kamensk-Uralsky, Russia in 1963.  Years later, he entered the Academy of Art in St. Petersburg, Russia, and studied in the "monumental painting" studio under the guidance of People's Artist of the Russian Federation, professor Andrey Andreevich Malnikov.  Click on the image for the full view. 

Bridge of Dreams.jpg

Boldnin Brothers

The studio of Sergio and Massimo has, since 1984, been offering authentic masks worked in a centuries-old craft of papier-mâché. The brothers’ work has gained notoriety in Europe, international fashion design, Shakespeare festivals worldwide, and in film. Click on the image for the full view. 

6 Incontro 21.5 x 8.jpg


Calderón was born in Madrid, Spain in 1955. He is a self-taught artist with an immense amount of talent and love of natural beauty. He approaches the canvas with passion in an effort to convey a vibrant sense of light, especially capturing the reflections on rainy days. Click on the image for the full view. 

Mediterraneo 19.5x29 27x37 framed.jpg


Chertoff is a graduate of Brooklyn’s prestigious Pratt Institute. She describes her handmade paper assemblages as “tapestries.” Layered and textured, they are pure assimilation of Japanese aesthetics. They are hand-dyed fiber, poured, and laminated onto flexible screens.  Click on the image for the full view. 

Migratory Moment III.jpg


Stefano Coccioli was born in La Spezia, Italy in 1955.  From childhood, Coccioli was influenced by his artistic family members:  His uncle, Carlo Coccioli, is a world-famous writer, journalist, and painter, and his American aunt is an avant-garde painter.  His early introduction to art inclined him to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milano. Click on the image for the full view.  

Now you see it, now you don't.jpg


Vakhtang was born in 1968 in Armenia. He graduated from the Yerevan Fine Art and Theatrical Academy. Vakhtang takes his inspiration from the serenity of the late Italian Gothic art and Renaissance painting, which reflect literary myths exalting the intelligence and perfection of man and the ideals of pure beauty, both platonic and humanistic.  Click on the image for the full view. 

Once Upon a Time.jpg

T. Dong

Ms. Dong's passion for art was initially influenced by her father. From the age of five, he taught her both calligraphy and traditional Chinese art. In 1980, the US Consul General in Shanghai was so impressed with her Chinese paintings, that he granted her a visa to study western art in the United States. Her use of color is sensitive, and her interpretation of life's details and nature is evocative.  Click on the image for the full view. 

Lemons and Pink Silk 20x16.jpg


Born in Chile, Kristian studied at the School of Fine Arts in Viña del Mar, Chile, and the School of Ceramics in Oslo, Norway. While in Norway, he was a member of the professional Billedkunstner Artists. Kristian is a master realist. His paintings include still life, portraits, and mythological subjects. Click on the image for the full view. 

Tuscan Memory.jpeg


Cecille was born in South Africa and has lived in Israel, Switzerland, and London, traveling extensively through Europe.  Her work references African and a variety of ethnic influences gathered during her travels, and especially poignant intrigue being bodies in movement, influenced by seeing tribal dancers in her youth in Africa. Click on the image for the full view. 

Sayonara My Love h24 w18.jpg

Evelyn Lee

Evelyn Lee was born in Guangzhou, China in 1964. There she studied at the prestigious Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. 


"I believe the shape, light, and color exudes the most emotional content. I often paint my subjects in a certain hue and rework and layer with brush strokes and textures to create vivid breath onto the canvas to tell the stories about light and color in each painting for people to imagine and experience." - Evelyn Lee 
Click on the image for the full view. 

Light Comes from a Distance h12 w12.jpg


Originally from Córdoba, a picturesque town in the Spanish province of Andalucía, Ms. León grew up surrounded by her grandmother’s art from whom she received an early introduction to oil on canvas.. Ms. León’s work focuses on a variety of subjects that reflect her emotions and surroundings. Click on the image for the full view. 

Secret Staircase 36x30 (2 panels).jpeg


Rossi was born in Bulgaria in 1959 surrounded by the richness and divinity of Byzantine Art and the relics of the Bulgarian Medieval folklore, which is now reflected in her work.   Click on the image for the full view. 

Royal Mistress 16x20.jpg

Dmitry Mkrtchyan

Dmitry Mkrtchyan was born in 1973 in Yerevan Armenia, surrounded by the rich multi-century tradition of art specific to the region. Dmitry is vastly influenced by Albrecht Dürer’s works.  He is recognized as one of the most influential artists in Armenia in the mastery of classical engraving, he likes to experiment with colors, unorthodox forms and tries to adhere to an art-deco style. Click on the image for the full view. 


Zhi Yang

Lu Zhiyang was born in China and graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.  Lu Zhiyang’s abstract painting is characterized by the purity of color, the blur of light and shadow, and the conception of calm and silence.

By transforming the complex impressionistic landscape, hazy tranquility, and dreamy illusion revealed in his works, the reverence of his subject looms with variegated light and texture. Click on the image for the full view. 

Hidden Vision 23x19.7.jpg


Zjawinski is an exceptional sculptor whose expertise lies in his truly unforgettable bronze work.  Zjawinkski has studied at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, and at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.  Zjawinski's mastery of sculpture and bronze work has been recognized by several awards as well as national and international fellowships and grants.   Click on the image for the full view. 

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