Original Oil & Tempera
Pulcinella h21.5 w8.jpg
h21.5" w8"
Baute in Palazzo h21.5 w8.jpg
Baute in Palazzo 
h 21.5" w 8"
Baute h21.5 w8.jpg
h21.5" w8"
Commedia Dell' Arte in Campo h21.5 w8.jpg
Commedia Dell' Arte in Campo
h 21.5" w 8"
Baute in Attesa del Traghetto h21.5 w8.jpg
Baute in Attesa del Traghettoh
21.5" w 8"
Commedia Dell' Arte h21.5 w8.jpg
Commedia Dell'Art
h 21.5" w 8"
Inconro in Fondamenta Tra Baute h21.5 w8.jpg
Inconro in Fondamenta Tra Baute
h21.5" w8"
Pantalone E Colombina in Piazza h21.5 w8.jpg
Pantalone E Colombina in Piazza
h21.5" w8"
Brothers Boldrin
The studio of Sergio and Massimo has, since 1984, been offering authentic masks worked in a centuries-old craft of papier-mâché. The two artists create their artwork by shaping the glue and paper mixture into a clay mold, allowing it to harden, and then applying paint and gold leaf to the front and fabric to the back. 
This technique has survived for centuries and achieved great expression in the Commedia dell’Arte, which thrived for 200 years, beginning in the 16thcentury. Many carnival revelers still cloak themselves in the garb of the 400-year-old characters, whose names evoke the colorful world of comedic tradition: Brighella, Pulcinella, Arlecchino, Capitano and Pantalone.
The brothers’ work has not only gained notoriety in Europe, but in international fashion design, in Shakespeare festivals worldwide, and in film. In fact, their theatrical masks played a central role in the Stanley Kubrick movie “Eyes Wide Shut”.
They create unique pieces that have been embellished with original oil and tempera paints and offer them exclusively through Galerie Elektra in Sausalito, California.