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Original Oil on Marble Powder & Gesso
Stefano Coccioli was born in La Spezia, Italy in 1955.  In his early years, he traveled widely due to his father's official duties.  His love of travel began there and has extended throughout his career.  From childhood, Coccioli was influenced by his family members:  His uncle, Carlo Coccioli, is a world-famous writer, journalist, and painter, and his American aunt is an avant-garde painter.  His early introduction to art inclined him to study it at the Liceo (college) level and then to continue his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milano. He has also studied the decorative painting of the Renaissance in Paris under the tutelage of Mr. Guarderó.

His interests range from painting to plastic, decorative, and constructive arts, and the experiences of his work have allowed him to develop extensive expertise with gesso, pigments, gold leaf, sand, marble dust, and stone amalgam. Coccoli is interested in combining light, color, and materials to produce vivid effects and works that interact with the observer in the form of clear and evocative images.  Towards this end, he has worked successfully both alone and with other artists in Italy, France, Germany, and the United States.
The artwork of Coccioli is collected in private homes, villas, churches, and civic buildings.  He continues to broaden his experience with new materials and concepts.  Coccioli lives in Milano and San Francisco.
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