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Original Oil on Canvas

In V. Duke's works, an observer can see and feel what painting really is.  Each one is an expression of calmness, but also of a spiritual adventure; craft as well as passion.  They are essential definitions of what painting can and should be.  Just like the old masters, Duke can make an artistic challenge out of anything.  A simple subject takes on complicated elements and levels.  The artist explores color, light, space, composition, shade, and detail in each scene in order to make the joy of nature effortless for the viewer.  With his paintings, we get to know the truth of art – celebration and peaceful mind, quietness and meditation.  The world of grasses, meadows, flowers, bushes, trees, forest clearings, cherry orchards, and shadowy skies, is full of flavors and sounds, distant and intertwined.  His landscapes are universal. Through his discipline, he finds an ideal spiritual distance from a painting, which is in accordance with his closeness to nature.  Exact and fluent at the same time, this kind of painting evokes emotion and caresses the senses.  Like chamber music or poetry, his works awake something individual in each observer: the deepest memories, dreams, and emotions.
Duke was born in Yugoslavia in 1958.  He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade.  From 1985 to 1995, he participated in many group exhibitions, international biennials and was a member of various local art colonies.  His paintings have been acquired by diplomats and private collectors around the world.

Partial list of group exhibitions
1989  First biennial of Yugoslav, G. Milanovac1996 IV Biennial, Belgrade1997 -International biennial, Leskovac-III Art biennial, Uzice - “Terassa” Intercontinental exhibition, Barcelona1999 Art biennial, Uzice2000 Serbian Art, Die Klaine Galerie, Wien
Personal Exhibitions1978  “20 Drawings and Pastels”, Cultural Centre, Sabac1996  Belgrade, Sabac1997 Novi Sad, Subotica, Bijeljina2000 Energoprojekt , Belgrade2004 Salzburg , Austria

Awards1980   First prize at the “Bi-Annual October Art Show”, Sabac1983 Second prize at the “Bi-Annual October Exhibition”, Sabac1984 Award from Ministry of Culture for Best Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade1986  First prize at the “Bi-Annual October Exhibition”, Sabac1987 First prize at the “Bi-Annual May Exhibition”, Sabac
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