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Original Oil Paintings
River Dreams 24 x 30.jpg
River Dreams
h 24" w 30"
When in Rome 24 x 30.jpg
When in Rome
h 24" w 30"
Tour de France 24 x 30.jpg
Tour de France Forever
h 24" w 30"
Breakfast in Paris 24 x 30.jpg
Breakfast in Paris
h 24" w 30"
In Rome with Love 24 x 30.jpg
In Rome with Love
h 24" w 30"
Spring Flowers for You 24 x 30.jpg
Spring Flowers for You
h 24" w 30"
Vacanze Romane 24 x 30.jpg
Vacanze Romane
h 24" w 30"
Promenade a Deaux 30 x 24.jpg
Promenade a Deux
h 24" w 30"
Amsterdam Forever 24 x 30.jpg
Amsterdam Forever
h 24" w 30"
In Love with the Sand 24 x 30.jpg
In Love with the Seine
h 24" w 30"
Portofino with Love 24 x 30.jpg
Portofino with Love
h 24" w 30"
Passapel Almost Heaven 24 x 30.jpeg
Almost Heaven
h 24" w 30"
Only in San Francisco 24 x 30.jpg
Only in San Francisco
h 24" w 30"
Racing the Wind 24 x 30.jpg
Racing the Wind
h 24" w 30"
Vespe con Amore 24 x 30.jpg
Vespe con Amore
h 24" w 30"
Vacanze sul Mare 24 x 30.jpg
Vacanze sul Mare
h 24" w 30"
The Best of the Best Irish 24 x 30.jpg
The Best of the Irish
h 24" w 30"
Torna a Sorrento 24 x 30.jpg
Torna a Sorrento
h 24" w 30"
Déjeuner a Paris 24 x 30.jpg
Déjeuner a Paris
h 24" w 30"
J'aime les Fleurs 30 x 40.jpeg
J'aime le Fleurs
h 30" w 40"
Born in 1964 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he is a gifted self-taught painter. He had developed a unique luminescent and lyrical quality to his work captivating art lovers for years. The skillfully applied color along with his contemporary expressionism technique combine to create very special works of art. His bold brush strokes and delicate rendering of his figures and form, all work together in a harmony that refuses to draw attention to themselves for their technical virtuosity, but rather to draw their viewer into the awareness that they are sharing one serene, contemplative moment.

The artist's magnificent artwork is showcased in many special international collections, because he's vastly admired and acquired all over the world. 
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