Oil on Board

Grandas III h16" w20"
Cajon Del Maipo II h16" w 19.75"
Duraznos h16" w20"
Uvas y Tunas h15.5" w19.5"
Marina h12" w16"
Otono en Putaendo h16" w20"
Sergio Vargas
Vargas was born in Santiago, Chile, in 1937. He entered into the world of artistic expressiveness in his youth through the natural and creative development of a self-taught painter. 
The Impressionist movement in his work captures more intensity with his resolute approach of light, shadow, and color - bordering the abstract.
His landscapes gifted of atmosphere and style grants him a path of his own. The manifest lyricism in his work highlights the beauty of nature and it is depicted in the four-decade journey of Vargas’s artistic activity.
1974 – Chilean-American Institute Salon, Santiago, Chile.
1979 – Sala Municipal de Chillan, Chile.
1983 – Sala Exposiciones de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1991 – Sala de Arte Latinoamericana, Valladolid, Spain.
1997 – Sala Grau, Lima, Peru
2002 – Santo Domingo Gold Club, Chile.
2003 – Chilean-British Institute, Santiago, Chile.
1990 – First Place and Gold Medal, Salon Alumnos Escuela Bellas Artes, Universidad de Chile, Chile.
1993 – First Place, Art Friends Society, Santiago, Chile.
1995 – First Place, Medal of Honor, Summer Salon, Vina del Mar, Chile.
1998 – First Place, Autumn Salon, Numoa, Santiago, Chile.
2001 – Silver Medal, La Alhambra Palace, Santiago, Chile.


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