Oil on Board
Cajon Del Maipo II
h 16" x w 19.75"
Uvas y Tunas
h 15.5" x w 19.5"
Sergio Vargas
Vargas was born in Santiago, Chile, in 1937. He entered into the world of artistic expressiveness in his youth through the natural and creative development of a self-taught painter. 
The Impressionist movement in his work captures more intensity with his resolute approach of light, shadow, and color - bordering the abstract.
His landscapes gifted of atmosphere and style grants him a path of his own. The manifest lyricism in his work highlights the beauty of nature and it is depicted in the four-decade journey of Vargas’s artistic activity.
1974 – Chilean-American Institute Salon, Santiago, Chile.
1979 – Sala Municipal de Chillan, Chile.
1983 – Sala Exposiciones de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1991 – Sala de Arte Latinoamericana, Valladolid, Spain.
1997 – Sala Grau, Lima, Peru
2002 – Santo Domingo Gold Club, Chile.
2003 – Chilean-British Institute, Santiago, Chile.
1990 – First Place and Gold Medal, Salon Alumnos Escuela Bellas Artes, Universidad de Chile, Chile.
1993 – First Place, Art Friends Society, Santiago, Chile.
1995 – First Place, Medal of Honor, Summer Salon, Vina del Mar, Chile.
1998 – First Place, Autumn Salon, Numoa, Santiago, Chile.
2001 – Silver Medal, La Alhambra Palace, Santiago, Chile.