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Victor Silva
Original Oil on Board
Ready to Go h11 w14 .jpg
Ready to Go
h 11" x w 14"
Victor Sila was born in Arica, Chile in 1955 and is a self-taught painter.
His artistic creations are predominantly distinguished by the permanence of the landscape, capturing with subtlety the ambient atmosphere of urban, rural and harbor spaces. 
A fluid style in which the earthiness of the landscape blends with the presence of a chromatic poem.
1998 First prize “National Contest” Valdivia, Chile
2007 Honorable Mention “Paisajes de Valparaiso” La Sebastiana, Chile
2012 Honorable Mention “Pinturas Del Sur. Vina Del Mar, Chile
2015 Honorable Mention “De Notre a Sur, Sala de Arte, Aric, Chile
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