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Zhi Yang
Oil Paintings
Hidden Vision 23x19.7.jpg
Hidden Vision
h 19.7" x w 23"
Harmonious Beauty 27.6x31.5.jpg
Harmonious Beauty
h 27.6" x w 31.5"
Spring Reflection
h 28" x w 28" (two panels)
Color of Light
h 27.5" x w 35.5"
Left:  Full Moon  h 12" x w 15.5"
Center: Purple Dream  h 15.5" x w 12"
Right: Nature In Bloom  h 12" x w 15.5"
Color of Water
h 27.5" x w 35.5"
Lu Zhiyang
Graduate from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Member of Guangdong Branch of Chinese Artists Association
Lu Zhiyang has been involved in abstract and image painting for many years.
In his works, he tries to comprehend the true meaning of Western painting, and also to grasp the Chinese aesthetics theory. Lately, he’s created several free and lyrical abstract paintings.
Lu Zhiyang’s abstract painting is characterized by the purity of color, the blur of light and shadow, and the conception of calm and silence.
By transforming the complex impressionistic landscape, hazy tranquility, and dreamy illusion revealed in his works, the reverence of his subject looms with variegated light and texture.
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