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Original Color Pencil
Tiger's Fly Coalescence 
h 18" w 14"
h 18" w 14"
h 26" w 20"
Ginger was born in Los Angeles, California in 1958. She has been nurturing and exploring her natural drawing ability since early childhood encouraged along by various mentors and art instructors. During the 1980's she studied at the acclaimed Laguna College of Art and Design in Southern California. Her life has been a continuous journey toward artistic and spiritual development. Along with her extensive travels, Ginger has gained a cultivated perspective as a bi-coastal resident of Southern California and New York City. She currently lives a creative life in Boise, Idaho surrounded by the natural beauty of the Northwest.

Ginger’s conceptual illustrations are metaphorical compositions of harmony in nature and humanity. Her life vision is showcased through these fantastic illustrations of the dragonfly, which embody not only the ancient past but a positive vision of the future. Many cultures believe that dragonflies represent survivability, adaptability, renewal and usher in the winds of change.

        Her artistic philosophy and personal vision embrace the Utopian tradition and encourages consideration of a world full of hope, unity and peace. The colorful depictions of these concepts are achieved by a unique style of meticulous layering of colored pencil on archival paper.

        It is Ginger’s wish that her drawings awaken the innocent, child-like spirit within each of us.
“I am waiting for the sound of dragonflies and whispers of children in the earth. I am listening and breathing with heartbeats in my ear.” ~ Ginger
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