Original Oil on Canvas 

Rojo en la Tarde h36 w48.jpg
Rojo en la Tarde 
h36" w48"
Reflecting the Sun h30 w40.jpg
Reflecting the Sun
h 30" x w 40"
Faith and Hope h30 x w 40.JPG
Faith & Hope
h 30" x w 40"
The Living Tree h30 w40.jpg
The Living Tree
h 30 x w 40
Journey to Spring h30 w40.jpg
Journey to Spring
h30" x w40"
Prelude to Splendor h30 w40.jpg
Prelude to Splendor
h30" x w40"
New Custom 20 x 20 Rozer's Shadowbox Frames 
Illuminating Beauty h20 w20_edited.jpg
Illuminating Beauty
waiting for a new one

h20 w20 with frame
Country Delight h20 w20.jpg
Country Delight
h 20" x w 20" with frame
Joy of Light h20 w20_edited_edited.jpg
Joy of Light
h 20" x w 20" with frame
Creative Dream 20 x 20JPG.JPG
Creative Dream
h 20" x w 20" with frame

The Tree Inner Life  - "Painting a tree on canvas has been one of the most beautiful experiences: as simple, as majestic. It is a tribute to Nature for what it represents."- Rozer
Rozer is a sensational addition to Galerie Elektra. Her family was from Spain. Rozer studied at the prestigious San Carlos Academy of Art in Mexico City. It was there as she was tutored by a disciple of the revered Modern Master Diego Rivera, Dolores Diez de Sollano, that her incredible talent and technique was nurtured. Rozer has 45 years of experience in oil painting, and has exhibited her work internationally and now exclusively at Galerie Elektra. This collection features her series on trees, the paintings of which she says have been one of the most beautiful experiences in her life, simple and majestic, and representing her tribute to nature. With every brushstroke, she transforms paint into the light - and the light bounces back encompassing the fullness of the tree, and draws the viewer into the stunning composition. Her trees symbolically offer a sense of permanence because they are so strongly rooted in the ground and yet, at the same time, the branches lift into the air to give a feeling of lightness.
The artwork of Rozer, renowned for its texture and vibrancy, is now found in private collections in her native Spain, Puerto Rico, England, Canada, Germany, Japan, Argentina, Mexico, France, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and the U.S.