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JT Blake
Original Oil on canvas
Eastern Vision I.jpg
Eastern Vision II.jpg
Eastern Vision III.jpg
Tropical Sunset h25 w19.jpg
Tropical Sunset
h 25" x w 19"
A self-taught artist born & raised in Los Angeles who, in the ’70s, moved to Berkeley and began experimenting with mediums; acrylic, watercolor, and charcoal. After starting a family and venturing into a successful business career in Northern California JT Blake reluctantly took an almost 40-year sabbatical from art until finally, in 2008 he was re-introduced to the world of art and more specifically the medium of oil painting. JT Blake enjoys abstract oil painting, where his inner self flows to the surface and is expressed on canvas. The richness of oil paint combined with the magic of nature enhances the lives of all who ventures into the world of art.


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