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Original Oil on Canvas
The Warmth of the Sun.jpg
The Warmth of the Sun
h 18" w 20"
Lunch by the City.jpg
Lunch by the City
h 11" w 14"
Maybe Yes Maybe No.jpg
Maybe Yes Maybe No
h 18" w 20"
Racing Together.jpg
Racing Together
h 18" w 20"
Fishing in the Bay
h 18" w 20"



Artist Pejman Farahani (PJ) works primarily with oil. He studied with a master painter for five years in Tehran, where he was born and lived until his early twenties. 


He then moved to Germany, where he studied and obtained a degree in Engineering. At the age of 30, he used his technical and creative talents to found and manage a successful graphic and fashion design companies in Düsseldorf and London, which he focused on for 20 years until moving to San Francisco and eventually Marin County in 2010. 


Inspired by the natural beauty of the area, particularly the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Northwest, Pejman eventually found his way back to his roots and began painting again. He is especially interested in studying the effect of light in his paintings, specifically focusing on water, places in the natural world, and the human form. His desire to continue honing his technical abilities is only surpassed by his desire to create.

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