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Original Oil on Canvas
h 30" x w 24"
h 20" x w 25"


Qiroga was born in 1973 in Santiago, Chile. His artistic creations are predominantly distinguished by the performance of the landscape, capturing with subtlety the ambient atmosphere of urban-rural or harbor spaces. Apart from the subject matter, his work reveals a skilled treatment of traditional oil-painting technique. Of swift and spontaneous execution, it subdues the visual outer field to the plastic language where chromatic effects take priority.
Qiroga’s work has a remarkable continuity of language. It becomes framed in the broad sense, in a figurative concept. He has a loose style in which the earthiness of the landscape blends with the presence of a chromatic poem. His craft does not refer to technical correlations or avant-gardist aspirations. The painter illustrates for us the colorfulness of the landscape, all surrendered under great technical fluency and sharp dominion of the trade.
In his work, the artist expresses his particular existentialist yearning; a kind of vision that cannot be comprehended without the approval or disproval that such proposal receives. A way of learning of the reality that answers to impressionist canons, given that the fragments reflected in his paintings are relative, with significance to himself and to those who perceive it.
1994 Galeria Di Giorgio, Santiago, Chile
1997 Galeria Renaca, Chile
2000 Galeria Municipal, Valparaiso, Chile
2003 Instituto Chileno Norteamericano, Santiago, Chile
2008 Pintando Valdivia, Valdivia, Chile
2011 Galeria Gabriela Mistral, La Serena, Chile
2015 Galeria de Arte La Sebastiana, Valparaiso, Chile


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