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Original Oil on Canvas
Afternoon Light h20 w24.jpg
Afternoon Light
h 20" w 24"
El Rubio
h 24" w 20"
Gato Gris II
h 20" w 24"
Best Friends
h 24" w 30"
Caballos Hermosos
h 24" w 30"
h 30" w 24"
Romina was born in Chile in 1991. She is a self-taught artist. Although very young, her talent is exceptional.
Great memories of her childhood and long walks with her father in the parks inspired her to start painting birds and animals in nature.
2012 – First prize “National Contest in Valparaiso”
2014 – First Prize “National Exhibition for Young Talent”
2015 – Honorable Mention “Young Talents – Valparaiso”
We are very proud to have represented her for the past four years and to have been able to place her magnificent works in many international private collections.
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